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"Personal 111 Success Planner
Chi Essentials BaZi + Feng Shui"
Get most valuable basics for your
Personal Date Selection and Personal Feng Shui,
which you can apply easily and immediately.
Learn to successfully Coach yourself in Time & Space.
Personalized PDF from EUR 55.- (EU) or USD 61.-

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Planner & Essentials - Sample - 37 Pages

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Individual Consultation "Me and My Space"
Get a boost for your life.

Most valuable highlights for you and your home/office.
Based on your own horoscope and the Feng Shui of your space.
Prepared offline, delivered online via Zoom: mutual conversation,
up to 30 minutes, sharing graphical results from my own software.
For a flat fee of just EUR 460.- (EU) or USD 500.-
Personal Success Planner & Chi Essentials included
(Please note that this is for one person and a small apartment or office;
more persons / larger space / specific questions result in a higher fee.)
Gain insight, and get actionable recommendations.

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Mobile/WhatsApp: +49 - 171 - 88 185 88
Mail: info@FengShuiGuide.me

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